An Aviation learning experience goes Above & Beyond
Science & Technology April 19, 2016

An Aviation learning experience goes Above & Beyond

Ever wondered what goes on in outer space? Boeing’s Above and Beyond space and aviation exhibition taught us all that we need to know.

An Aviation learning experience goes Above & Beyond

Here’s a question to test your aviation knowledge: Who was the first person to fly to outer space?

Those questions and many more were answered in Boeing’s Above and Beyond exhibition, the ultimate space and aviation show held at Mother of the Nation Park, formerly known as Mushrif Central Park in Abu Dhabi.

The story of aviation

Above and Beyond received more than 30,000 visitors of kids and adults alike on an exciting journey of space discovery and aerospace evolution.

The event showcased a timeline exploring aviation over the years, from the 1700’s all the way to 2015.

Plenty of inspiring pioneers and innovations were featured, such as Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to fly to outer space. And let’s not forget the record-breaking hypersonic plane, the Boeing X-51WaveRider, which zooms from the United States to China in only one hour.

Visitors learned that Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first person to fly to outer space, and, of course, Apollo 11’s Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon.

Interactive workstations

The show also included interactive stations that taught visitors everything they needed to know about aviation.

One of the most engaging pit-stops was Spread Your Wings, where kids were challenged to fly in V formation and learn the genesis of flying. At Full Throttle, they learned how to design their own aerospace vehicle and fly their fighters on a mission!

Kids also learned about the materials used in aerospace over the years, how to become an astronaut and how to take care of all the space junk found in Earth’s stratosphere.

Twelve-year-old Khalifa Al Mheiri went to Above & Beyond with his father, who is an engineer.

“I want to be an engineer just like my dad so we can work together - him in the gas industry and me in aerospace,” said Khalifa. 

Lema? Returns to Abu Dhabi

Outside the exhibition, ‘lema?’ made an appearance with three workshops: Secrets of Space, Lego Mindstorms Advanced Challenge, and Radio Station.

Kids learned more about our galaxy, got an insight into how robotics works and were taught how soundwaves travel.

For 15-year-old Omar Naji, it was his first time seeing a robot, let alone building one!

“One of the most exciting bits about the exhibition was being hands-on in the ‘lema?’ workshops,” he said. “I especially enjoyed learning about robotics for the first time - it’s a career path I’m willing to pursue.”

At the beginning of every kid’s journey into the exhibition, they were given a questionnaire in the form of a space passport. For Radwan, Lana Merira, Ahmed Murad and Fatima Al Attar who completed and filed their passports, they were drawn to win mini iPads!

Live Science’s Above and Beyond exhibition attracted more than 500 visitors each day. The exhibition was organized by Mubadala and Abu Dhabi Education Council.

I want to be an engineer just like my dad so we can work together - him in the gas industry and me in aerospace

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