Mini engineers showcase their skills at the Explore Science Together workshop
Science & Technology January 30, 2017

Mini engineers showcase their skills at the Explore Science Together workshop

Little engineers at get curious and are put to the test when asked to create technological devices using crafting material.

Mini engineers showcase their skills at the Explore Science Together workshop

Young boys and girls of Khalifa City A School got a chance to play engineer and showcase their creativity during the Explore Science Together Curiosity Machine workshop.

The Explore Science Together initiative is a six-week after school science program where students, parents, teachers and engineering volunteers are put in teams to put their creativity and improvisational skills to the test.

Each week, the teams are introduced to a piece of technology, which they are then tasked to replicate using every day material.

Before the teams head off to their makeshift welding desk, they are given an introduction to the device, along with a quick interactive science lesson. This gives students and parents a better understanding on how to reproduce their project.

Who would’ve thought that devices such as a robotic arm, satellites and exoskeletons, to name a few, could be made from string, lollipop sticks and batteries? These kids definitely knew they could and they did.

Teacher at Khalifa City A School, Mariam Al Hosani said: “As a teacher I’ve learned to not limit my students creativity, as it hinders them from thinking out of the box.

“Kids don’t set boundaries or obstacles for themselves, which is why their imagination is limitless and workshops like these definitely nourish that urge to be creative.”

After the teams are given time to built their project, each student in the group them presents their device to their fellow peers and judges. The teams are then given individual feedback on their device by engineering students or professional in the field. This gives students and parents the chance to work on any faults together during the week in order to bring in an improved project in the next session.

Student, Laya Youssef , said: “At first my project was working when I made it, but then when I had to present, it didn’t work, so the teacher taught me how to fix my mistake to make it work.”

The workshop is not only targeted towards students but also parents, as both parties are learning from each other, it also gives parents an idea on how to incorporate science-based activities at home.

Explore Science Together workshop is organized by Mubadala and Abu Dhabi Educational Council in partnership with Boeing.

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